Whispers In Rage - 2003 - Dancing Ferret Discs


Conflict: A state of disharmony between incompatible or antithetical persons, ideas, or interests… a clash… a psychic struggle, often unconscious, resulting from the opposition or simultaneous functioning of mutually exclusive impulses, desires, or tendencies… a whisper in rage. There is an expression, in which a true musician ignites solely through his emotions. He is wise of his surroundings that profoundly affect his daily life. He sees life not through rose-colored glasses, but through a veil of expression. He experiences mental and physical injury, which leaves no other choice but to manipulate emotions through music. The musician, like any artist, cannot exist - cannot survive - cannot grow without the healing salve of expression. Not until then, will he feel the healing that beckons. For The Last Dance, writing Whispers In Rage was not a choice, it was release.

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